As we all know, the search for Paititi has attracted seekers, explorers and adventurers of all kinds for centuries. You can find all kinds of articles on this topic on the Internet.

This also applies to research carried out by the Inkarri Institute in the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, between 2011 and 2014, as well as research carried out by Inkarri between 2016 and 2021 about strange mummies discovered in 2015 in the Nasca region. As of today, this research and analysis is still ongoing.

For this reason, we would like to point out that the only official and reliable information, concerning the search of Thierry Jamin and the Inkarri group, are those published on this website and on sites associated with Thierry Jamin and the Inkarri Institute:

Certain information disseminated on some platforms, supposedly “encyclopedic”, like Wikipedia, devoting articles on the Inkarri Institute or on myself, contain a large number of inaccuracies and malicious statements which sometimes border on defamation. Edently, they are not signed by any author. We warn our Internet friends against such maneuvers that we can only report and denounce. At the same time, we want to pay tribute to the courage of these anonymous authors…

We understand that the media coverage of the exploration campaigns carried out by the Inkarri group can sometimes irritate certain “specialists” of Païtiti, for whom all means are good to denigrate our work.

The budgets for organizing each research campaign are not trivial. Media coverage is a way for us to finance these investigations.

I would also like to point out that the Inkarri group, which I have the honor to lead since 2009, is only made up of professionals and always acts in strict compliance with Peruvian laws and regulations. Each of our investigative campaigns is systematically the subject of a research project, led by a Peruvian archaeologist. Each project is subject to the approval of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and, where appropriate, the Ministries of the Environment, Health, Interior or Foreign Affairs.

I regret to tell to these pseudo “specialists” that the team of the Inkarri Institute is currently the only one to act in this way, in all legality.

We do not stop denouncing here, in Cusco, the illegal intrusions of national or foreign pseudo “explorers”, in search of Paititi with blows of dynamites, drones or metal detectors…

We know more than anyone what the quest for the lost city of the Incas means. This research must be deserved. Its discovery, we are convinced, will not be made by these huaqueros, visibly supported by these courageous anonymous authors.

It will only be through professional, serious and methodical investigation that it will one day be possible to bring the sacred city of the Incas from legend to science. This implies respect for laws, regulations and protocols, but also respect for human values and ancestral local traditions. These are all essential elements that the vast majority of Paititi researchers seem to forget.

Thierry Jamin
December 2020