Since 1998, the French researcher and explorer Thierry Jamin crosses the southeast of Peru in all directions on the tracks of the permanent presence of the Incas in Amazonian forest and of the lost city of Paititi.

After numerous campaigns of searches, realized in association with the Peruvian authorities, Thierry Jamin and his companions create in September, 2009, a first non-governmental organization dedicated to the scientific research. Around thirty exceptional archaeological discoveries will be thanks to them officialized, between 2009 and 2011, in the North of the department of Cusco. Among these, several necropolises, fortresses and numerous magnificent inca citadels populated with hundreds of buildings, tens of streets and places, etc. Thierry Jamin is persuaded, the main city of its searches is not very far any more.

In January, 2012,, victim of his success, the French researcher has to transform his ancient associative structure into a more solid organization : the Instituto Inka de Investigación & Revaloración Indígena, or the Instituto Inkari – Cusco. This non-governmental, non-profit organization, has for main mission the scientific research, the protection and the development of archeological sites existing on the Peruvian national territory.

Finally, in May 2019, Thierry Jamin and his group must once again adapt the structures of their NGO to the new challenges of the moment: it is the Instituto Peruano de Estudios Históricos & Investigaciones Arqueológicas Inkarri.