Since 1998, Thierry Jamin, French explorer, “Peruvian of heart”, dedicates his searches to the permanent presence of the Incas in Amazonian forest of Peru. After several expeditions in the jungle of the Madre de Dios where he studies the site of the mysterious “pyramids” of Paratoari and that of the petroglyphs of Pusharo, he meets to Cusco, in August, 2005, a Peruvian, member of the National police force of Peru (PNP) and specialist in rescue in high mountain within a unity of elite. Together, they organize various expeditions in the southeast of Peru.

After the creation, in September, 2009, of a first organization, Thierry and his companions leave studying the archeological area of Mameria, discovered in 1979 by Nicole and Herbert Cartagena, right in the heart of the National park of Manú (Madre de Dios). A few months later, they discover, in the north of deparment of Cusco, many lost cities in the valleys of Lacco – Yavero and Chunchusmayo. Curious stony roads inexorably seem to lead them northward, in the direction of the National Sanctuary of Megantoni, there where, according to the testimonies collected with Matsiguengas Natives, would hide somewhere mysterious monumental ruins from the looks of Machu Picchu…

To the National Sanctuary of Megantoni

Since 2011, it is to the National Sanctuary of Megantoni that Thierry Jamin and his group go henceforth. According to the French explorer, one of the biggest archaeological treasures of Peru and pre-Colombian America hides from it apparently :

All our last years of search, all the fabulous archaeological discoveries realized by my group, lead us irresistibly in this direction. We are already in the zone of exploration of the Gran Paititi. The main city is far necessarily more very. It is not more than a question of time, and of course energy and financing.

The Inkarri – Cusco Institute goshawk is a non-governmental organization of Peruvian law, established by about ten professionals, of whom revolve numerous partners avid to support the action of Thierry Jamin and his team.

Soon a major discovery?

The brought to light of the lost city of Paititi will be not only a major cultural event for the Peruvian national heritage and for the world heritage of the humanity, but it will constitute especially a major historic event for the inhabitants of Peru and the South American peoples. An event which they look forward since about five centuries : it is about the legend of Inkarri…

Faced with the global pandemic, due to the spread of COVID-19, the officialization of the discovery of the lost city of Paititi, could constitute an unexpected opportunity to revive the tourist economy today devastated in the department of Cusco.

This archaeological discovery could also constitute one of the main cultural events during the year 2021, on the occasion of the commemorations organized for the celebration of the Bicentenary of the Independence of Peru. The hour of Paititi should soon strike…